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T1 Eric Leurquin

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  • 100% cotton
  • long sleeves, medium fit


About the design

Eric Leurquin, creative director at WeWantMore: The shirt design is about our creative industry and how our profession might be seen through the eyes of an outsider.

We spend our days having brainstorms, creative reviews, PPM’s and lunches. Half of us are directors. Our offices look like playgrounds. We find our inspiration in art shows, high fashion, memes, games and random tv-shows. We make case movies of our own work, to be judged by peers. And we celebrate our accomplishments within our tight nit inner circle with beers or pet nats. And somehow this all makes sense to us. But to the outside world all of this often seems alien, abstract and downright weird.

So, if we were to be a musical subculture we would probably be a Swedish Death Metal band. Utterly abstract and insane for the uninitiated but when looking closer, we’d be a kindred group of skilled individuals, characterized by true grit, persistence and passion.

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