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Give your ideas the case study they deserve.

Case study films have become a very important campaign element of any idea. They are indispensable for award shows and they beat any agency philosophy in a new Bizz presentation deck. And still, case films remain the nightmare of every creative. They rather take on a radio briefing than go through the ordeal of making a case film. This insight lead to this book, the first complete guide to make great casefilms.

This publication has been commissioned by Creative Belgium. The aim of Creative Belgium is to inspire the next generation of creative talent and help the creative industry to prove its added value. Promoting creativity as a driver of economic and social good and change.

About the author

During the last decade Peter Ampe, has won a total of 43 Cannes Lions awards for 19 different campaigns. Add to this 14 Effie Awards and this probably makes him the best-placed person to talk about case study films, where idea, story and results must blend into a convincing documentary with a single idea. Ampe joined the advertising world at the age of 29. Before that he was a language teacher for political refugees and a journalist. This explains his love for brands and ideas with the intention of contributing something to people’s lives. 

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